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Newspaper headlines

Some exercises on newspaper headlines and some more from the book’s web.

Would you like to create your own funny headline? Click here.

You can also have a look at newspapers from all over the world or from another website.

Finally have a look at some real (?) news items that sound weird and hilarious, but probably hoaxes: Hipo eats dwarf, Don’t fart during surgery, Buzzing undies make shopper faint,


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EDUCATION: too strict or too lenient?

What’s a ‘tiger mother’? Watch this video on a mother who is in favour of strong discipline.

You can also read more in this newspaper article from The Guardian.

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ONLY FOR GIRLS: more things we can do for the environment…

What’s the ‘mooncup’? What are its advantages for your health, the environment and your pocket? How do you use? Here’s a video from youtube and another one more. There are more alternatives. Make a comment!

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Our consumer society…

The story of stuff is a really interesting overlook on our consumer society. How did you feel after watching it? Did you feel ‘I, myself, can’t do a lot to change things…’? We may also think ‘That’s a bit exaggerated’ in order to calm down our possible worries… Also available in youtube.

Can we do anything? Add a comment

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Were you ever in a difficult / funny situation because of the weather?

Insert a comment on this post about it!

You have loads of stuff (listenings, vocabulary, etc.) in this link: eoienglishcorner.

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The one place a burglar won’t look…

Have a look at a website from a colleague with great links: vocabulary, listening, song, video, etc.

And of course you can check the web of our book.

What about the polite robber? Here is the robbery and the shop owner’s interview. Thanks to Hugo Pellicer for the links

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Global Warming

Top 50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming

Global warming explained by Al Gore.

Global warming explained by ‘George Bush‘ (funny!). Thanks to Marie Laure for the link!!

An interesting listening on global warming

Watch this experiment of a Swedish reality show by a family to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Here you can find this news item in the BBC.

Check on this reading with exercises on the UN_Climate_Change_Conference in Copenhagen

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